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KC Business Journal: KCK company helps Big Pharma save money at the molecular level

Moving a new drug from lab to market is difficult, time-consuming and expensive for any size pharmaceutical or biotechnology company.

As companies continue to outsource the bulk of early-stage studies to contract research organizations (CROs), one local company is seeing a rise in demand for its expertise in evaluating potential new drugs.

XenoTech, a CRO based in Kansas City, Kan., helps pharmaceutical companies investigate and evaluate possible new drugs before they go to clinical trial, allowing them to supplement limited in-house resources and keep their infrastructure lean.

“We provide the insights for their molecule that allows (pharmaceutical companies) to make a decision, gauge their investment or assess their asset value. These molecules are assets so it’s very common that a molecule will be bought or sold one or two times, or more, during its lifetime before it reaches the market,” XenoTech CEO Darren Warren told the Kansas City Business Journal. “We provide the information that you would look at to evaluate the molecule — which is your patent — and what it’s worth.”

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