Animal Subcellular Fractions

Sekisui XenoTech offers a variety of liver and extrahepatic subcellular fractions from several toxicologically relevant species. These subcellular fractions are often used to evaluate metabolic stability, reaction phenotyping, CYP and UGT enzyme inhibition, and enzyme induction. Examples include drug safety studies in laboratory animals and studies of species, strain and gender differences in drug metabolism.

Standard subcellular fractions include S9, cytosol and microsomes. S9 fractions contain a mixture of cytosol and microsomes. They contain a wide variety of Phase 1 and Phase 2 enzymes and are recommended for many different PK/ADME studies.

Cytosolic fractions contain many unique drug-metabolizing enzymes and are a recommended test system for evaluating metabolic reactions of a test compound – especially once reactions have occurred in S9 fractions.

Microsomal fractions contain cytochromes P450 among other drug-metabolizing enzymes, and are commonly used for in vitro studies of xenobiotic metabolism.

If you require subcellular fractions not included in our standard product offering, custom products can be ordered to meet the needs of any study.

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