August 2019

Consultancy Expansion

Author:  Madison Knapp
Posted:  20 August 2019

We are proud to house some of the brightest minds in this field who have seen “the weird stuff” when it comes to drug metabolism and drug-drug interactions. No two drugs’ path to market are the same, and when you come across unexpected results you need someone on your side who has been there before and can inform you of your options and illuminate the best way forward. As one of our consultants, Dr. Larry Wienkers, discusses in our new Seminar Series, late-stage attrition is avoidable—making the right moves in development is key to finding the answers you need for decision-making. Our consultants can help you make that plan, find those answers, and consider options forward wisely. Our expanded consultancy services have been developed to make sure you have someone you can trust... Read the Full Press Release

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