July 2019

In Vivo ADME: What You Need and Why You Need It

Author: Madison Knapp, Satoshi Ito Posted: 22 July 2019

Are you in need of in vivo studies to support your IND application but unsure where to start? This blog post out outlines foundational in vivo ADME steps to make your submission package more compelling; cover all your bases with staple absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion studies performed by the experts and learn more about timing supplemental studies earlier to avoid late-stage failure and the high expense of conducting critical ADME studies late in development...

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The Story of Us

Author: Madison Knapp, Satoshi Ito Posted: 01 July 2019

This year at SEKISUI XenoTech we celebrate our 25th birthday, and our Japan branch turns 64! Read about our journey from a small academic research lab to the trusted global Contract Research Organization we are today, as well as our sister lab's path to becoming the top ADME CRO in Japan...

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