June 2019

Transporters of Emerging Importance in Drug Development: Beyond the Guidance Documents

Author: Madison Knapp, Dr. Brian Ogilvie Posted: 25 June 2019

In May, Dr. Brian Ogilvie gave a webinar presentation titled “Transporters of Emerging Importance in Drug Development: Beyond the Guidance Documents.” Read about key takeaways from the presentation: transporters discussed in most recent FDA and ITC publications, a case study examining effects of OCT1 polymorphisms on sumatriptan AUC, the Extended Clearance Classification System, and consideration of transporters involved in atypical routes of administration...

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Make the Most of Your Media

Author: Madison Knapp, Dr. Chris Bohl Posted: 19 June 2019

Getting reliable, reproducible results from studies using hepatocytes as a model system for drug metabolism is in part dependent on how well you store and handle the cells. Hepatocytes require more finesse than other cell types, and some considerations and precautions in handling might not be obvious to scientists that are new to performing studies using cryopreserved, primary hepatocytes, but have experience with cell lines. Additionally, making the right choices with respect to media is key to seeing the best results in viability, attachment, and culture life of your cells. Here we discuss some tips for handling hepatocytes and making the most of your media...

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