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Author: Andrea Wolff

Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) Prediction Models Following In Vitro Studies in Preclinical Development

In preclinical development, a drug will be evaluated for potential to cause a drug-drug interaction (DDI) using in vitro experiments and then calculations that...

Minding Your Binding: Plasma Protein Binding Potential Study Now Available at Our US Labs

While liver and intestine are important in ADME, behavior in blood is also crucial. When an orally administered drug or...

Important Considerations for the Conduct of In Vitro Drug Transporter Assays

Not only can drug transporters affect the absorption and excretion of drugs, they can be involved in pharmacokinetic-based drug-drug interactions...

FDA Guidance: Many In Vitro DDI Evaluations Should Precede FIH Studies

In October 2017, the FDA released its much-anticipated draft guidance documents for drug-drug interaction (DDI) studies, which was finalized in...

New Recommendation: Evaluate NMEs for OCT1 Transporter-Mediated DDI Potential

Brian Ogilvie, Ph.D., Vice President of Scientific Consulting at XenoTech, presented a case study on the importance of the hepatic OCT1...

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