Recombinant CYPs

Sekisui XenoTech is the exclusive distributor of Cypex Bactosomes in North America. These recombinant enzymes have activity levels similar to those found in vivo and are ideal test systems for preclinical reaction phenotyping inhibition studies.
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XenoTech offers two recombinant enzyme bactosome products to support drug discovery and preclinical drug development services: Classic Bactosomes and EasyCYPs.

Classic Bactosomes allow customers to choose specific enzyme activities and various levels of reductase and linearity. EasyCYPs are standardized Bactosomes and boast a standard concentration, standard product concentration and a standard vial size.

Features and Benefits:
  • Bactosomes utilize native P450 and better represent human enzymes
  • Available with and without b5
  • Market-leading linearity
  • Different levels of reductase allow for high and low activities
  • Bactosomes are optimized for compatibility with specific study types

For more information on recombinant enzymes, download our flyer or contact a XenoTech Product Specialist today.
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