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Fresh & Cryopreserved Cell Test Systems and Media for In Vitro Assays

Cells for use in plated cultures or suspension assays represent a critical tool for predicting properties such as hepatotoxicity, metabolism, and potential drug-drug interactions.

Each preparation by our test systems specialists is isolated and made ready for use with adherence to strict quality controls for viability, post-thaw cellular yield, enzyme and/or transporter activity, and user convenience in preclinical drug development assays investigating a compound’s ADME/DMPK properties and DDI potential.

Our experts are committed to making sure you are equipped with the right tools and information to get the most reliable data possible from the use of our cellular test systems and ancillary products — read our comprehensive guide to selecting the right test system for your DMPK assay or this quick read of tips & tricks for best handling practices.

Our Fresh and Cryopreserved Cellular Products

In drug development, primary human hepatocytes are the system best suited for metabolism, clearance, uptake, hepatotoxicity, cell biology, drug-drug interaction, and other preclinical in vitro studies. We have fresh, cryopreserved, and immortalized lines available.

Primary animal hepatocytes provide a cost-effective alternative to human hepatocytes for in vitro drug metabolism research. We offer fresh and cryopreserved pools from a wide variety of toxicologically relevant species.

To complement the widest selection of DMPK test systems on the market, we offer optimized media and reagents specially formulated for thawing, isolating, incubating,  plating, and culturing cellular test systems including hepatocytes, Kupffer cells, and more.

Kupffer Cells are a specialized, liver-derived primary immune cell test system commonly used for investigating macrophage activity for in vitro drug metabolism assays.

Immortalized cell lines can be useful in many different disease research and drug development applications; we offer access to thousands of cell lines through the Japanese Collection of Research Biosources (JCRB) Cell Bank.

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Thawing & Plating Cryopreserved Hepatocytes

Download our protocol or watch our short demonstration videos below to get the best results when thawing and plating your cryopreserved hepatocytes:

Don’t See What You Need?

Our Custom Products team is on hand to help you get the perfect test systems tailored to your needs

Microsomes are the recommended Test System for many In Vitro Metabolism assays

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