Sekisui XenoTech features one of the most extensive selections of DMPK-focused lab test systems on the market.

Sekisui XenoTech’s products include:
Standard subcellular fraction products include microsomes, S9, and cytosol from 9 toxicologically-relevant species and 5 organ types. Sekisui XenoTech features the largest human liver microsome and S9 pooled products on the market as well as human liver homogenate. Standard hepatocyte products include primary cells from 7 toxicologically-relevant species, and feature the largest human hepatocyte donor-pool on the market. XenoTech is also the only company to offer multiple pooled hepatocyte products.

If a study requires tissue-derived products which are not included in Sekisui XenoTech’s standard product offering, custom products can be conveniently ordered and are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.
Sekisui XenoTech’s in vitro laboratory products have many advantages:
  • The largest donor pools on the market minimize lot-to-lot variation and increase the long-term availability of each lot
  • All preparations are made and characterized according to Standard Operating Procedures, with quality governed by a Product Study Director and Sekisui XenoTech’s Quality Assurance team
  • Subcellular fraction preparation procedures allow for the production of matching microsomes, S9 and cytosol
  • Preparations are characterized and analyzed using validated LC/MS/MS methods
  • All products meet Sekisui XenoTech's stringent internal acceptance criteria

Sekisui XenoTech has a dedicated product team to ensure your order goes smoothly. They are also available to answer any product related questions you may have. Learn more about the XenoTech product team.
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